Mark 5:1-20 "He Who Had Been Demon Possessed"

Sep 3, 2023    Pastor Marc Transparenti

Jesus and the Disciples arrive in Gadara and are greeted by a Demoniac identified as Legion. Jesus will deliver the man and commission Him to share His testimony to all. 

Note from Pastor Marc: “In my sermon prep for this sermon… my mind was fuzzy (since I wasn’t feeling well) and I confused Gennesaret (Mk 6:53-56) with Gadara/Geresa/Gergesa (Mk 5:1-20; Mt 8:28-34; Lk 8:26-39). After Jesus walked on water in Mk 6, he went to Gennesaret (NW coast of the Sea of Galilee)… not back to where the demoniac was (Gadara- East Coast of the Sea of Galilee). However, Jesus did return to the area of the Decapolis in Mk 7:31-37 (the same area where the former Demoniac proclaimed Jesus Mk 5:20), and the people received Him this time. Just wanted to clarify this. I’d keep everything I said about the possibility of the impact the testimony of the man who had the demon had on the Decapolis, but I’d clean up the cross reference if I preached the same message again. My desire always is to ‘rightly divide the word of truth.’”